Saturday, January 24, 2009

let's share a calendar

Thanks John, you are the #$%^% as the saying goes! There must be away to include the public calendar we all have access to on this blog page. Is there a way to edit the layout of the blog and embed this info ""

Anyway - you guys feel free to add whom ever to the public calendar and we can start to use it to track firing info and other dates of interest. Then when the website gets renovated maybe we can just embed or link to and have everyone use instead of reinventing the wheel.

OK that about sums up my info for the morning.


John said...

I suppose we could always just make a link on the page sideline and have it open to the calendar page with a target="_blank" token (something that is not allowed in the comments section).

Hmm... I'll take a stab at it.

John said...

I have created a link on the sidebar that opens the embedded calendar. How do we log in to edit the calendar?

Thanks for setting that up!