Sunday, January 25, 2009

swore I would never blog

Well John, now you have gone and done it. How could I not blog when you did all the work to set it up.

About the calendar and all that, great idea, but I'm no help whatsoever at helping you figure out how to get it set up how you want.

I'm working on my three teapots for the gas kiln. 25 lbs of clay used and I haven't even made the handles yet. Threw 12 spouts today. I sure do hope I manage to get three usable ones out of them. I usually screw up one or two per teapot.

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John said...

T'weren't much to set up, but glad to have you aboard!

I think we have the calendar in a workable state at the moment.

Good luck on the teapots. I find it helps to sing the teapot song while assembling them (well ok, in my head).

Thanks for joing us.