Friday, February 27, 2009

Our best kept secret: We have a gallery at Clayworks!

I have some amazing news about our Clayworks gallery. The only thing keeping it from being open is the personnel to staff it. (I know! I was shocked too.)

If we can come up with a schedule to staff it on a REGULAR BASIS, we can all sell our work there! What we're going for here is to be open on Saturdays (for example) from 9:00 to 4:00 or somewhere thereabouts. If we can commit to a regular schedule we can put the sandwich board out and market it as a "real" gallery. Think about it --our work could be seen by customers (which is the first step of selling it).

Think of this scenario: It's your Saturday to work the gallery so you come in and do your clay work in the front classroom. When you hear the bell on the door jingle, you wipe your hands and greet the people in the gallery. When they are finished browsing and/or buying you go back to work in the classroom. It's a win/win/win situation since you have the opportunity to sell some pieces, Clayworks makes some money, and let's face it, do you really NEED an excuse to come in on a Saturday and work in clay?

I have discussed this with Adrienne. She approves and has gotten board approval so the only thing holding us back is us. There will be some rules and some training on the cash register, but this could really turn out to be something good for all involved.

Let's get together and talk about this. What would be a good day/time to meet and work out a plan?

I'm thinking when the weather turns nicer we could even take a wheel out on the sidewalk and throw out front. That might draw some attention.

The mind reels...


Max said...

good idea John. Details to work.

lulu said...

great opportunity! I'm in.

Amy said...

I'm interested and happy to be a part.