Sunday, February 8, 2009

Raku recap

Thanks to all who came out and helped with the raku firing on Saturday. It was pretty much a success with some of the pieces turning out absolutely amazing. As far as the "new process" is concerned, I think we may have some more homework to do on that front. We can't expect to be great at it the first (or maybe even the second) time out.

In case anyone wants to see what we were working towards, here's a link to Bruce Odell's video.

Thanks, again for coming out and let's see if we can't schedule another raku on the 21st (2/21/09). Anyone up for that? If we don't do the alcohol/sawdust method, we could schedule one for Friday night (2/20/09) instead.

As always, let me know what you think. This is supposed to be a group project.


Becky said...

The Pyro People are doing another BF on the 21st after 4PM. (There;s a workshop in progress until then.) So if you & Joe wanna go after 4PM that would be great. I'm good for Friday too.

BTW, I'm having trouble putting things on the calendar here. My Google cal shows what I've entered. But it doesn't show up here. Is there a secret?

John said...

Oops! Which workshop? The hand building one?

Please see my "tutorial" in the calendar post.